View fraud, Estee Lauder case study, 61 social stats – April 5, 2018

The social media industry is going through considerable change at the moment. Many of our clients are asking what they should pay attention to and what should they disregard.

1) Everything is pay-to-play now on the large platforms like Facebook. We are using micro-boosting techniques that are helping our content receive more engagement. Gavin’s discusses further in the video below.

2) Privacy and data is an issue that won’t go away. It’s affecting how open the social platforms are now and is causing some problems for our clients as Facebook ads and chatbots have been affected significantly.

3) Social video is in the recovery position. Creating a video and then paying for views was a great concept until buying the views became too expensive to justify.

Gavin spoke at VidCon Europe on March 22 and went into detail on much of the above information in this 55-minute presentation that includes Q&A from the audience. You can get the link to the slides and stream the video here – LINK

VIEW FRAUD: This is a very in-depth paper that you won’t read but you should. Read the conclusion if you only read one thing. Very interesting analysis — “We find that only YouTube deploys a sufficiently discriminative fake view detection mechanism.” Understanding the detection of fake view fraud in Video Content Portals 

FACEBOOK: Despite All the #DeleteFacebook Talk, Data Shows We’re Using It More, Not Less. LINK

INSTAGRAM: CASE STUDY: ESTÉE LAUDER looking to Instagram influencers on multi-brand campaign. LINK

TWITTER: How to see everything Twitter knows about you and download your tweet history. LINK

SNAPCHAT: Snapchat Brings Group Video Chat Feature to Boost Engagement LINK

PINTEREST:  Pinterest Isn’t a Social Network. That’s what makes it great. LINK

YOUTUBE:  Here’s YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki talking about controversial monetization changes on the platform. The shooter at the headquarters of the online video giant, who was also a creator on the platform, was apparently upset by the new rules. LINK

STATS: 61 Social Media Statistics to Bookmark for 2018 — LINK

WORK DAY: If you still use email these are pretty helpful. Five rude emails you send without realizing it  LINK

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