Toronto – Community Manager

Welcome to Jumpwire!

Jumpwire Media is a social media agency that specializes in social media management and strategy for companies around the world. We were voted one of the top 10 most innovative companies in media by Fast Company Magazine.

We are looking for a detail oriented, creative and energetic Community Manager for our Toronto office (our HQ is in Los Angeles).

You have lived and breathed social media for the last 3 years at least. When a new platform emerges you don’t sigh and get overwhelmed – you get on it and crush it. Social media is your passion and you don’t mind telling people that. When you talk about social media you go so deep people’s eyes glaze over or they wander off.  You create such brilliant content on your personal social media platforms that old people think you are some sort of celebrity. Two or three hundred likes on an Instagram post, YAWN, is pretty standard for you. You are that good.  We want the best.  Are you in?

Our ideal candidate lives in downtown Toronto has an English degree, writing experience, and at least 1 year of creating social media posts for a business on Facebook, Twitter, or Linkedin. We said, ‘ideal’ but if you are some sort of home-schooled-mutant-genius you should still apply. However, if you can’t spell, don’t apply, seriously. Our clients love great creative but spelling mistakes are not something they accept.

This is a full-time position based in Toronto reporting to one of our Account Managers (they are awesome, trust us).  You may be working from home in your PJ’s up to 3 days per week or more. Therefore, you will require a high speed broadband connection at home able to support video Skype calls, a laptop less than 2 years old, an iPhone or Android phone less than 2 years old, and the ability to travel to the USA.

We work across many time zones with clients in India, Australia, UK, and both coasts of North America. You will be working in a high pressure environment under very tight deadlines. Did we mention that spelling and grammar are extremely important? Yes, yes we did.

-Creating stellar visual and text based content for various social media platforms according to Jumpwire Media best practices.
-Creating a large amount of content for clients’ each day under tight deadlines. Jumpwire Media believes in high frequency posting on social platforms and that means lots of epic content for our clients’.
-Project and client management across various time zones.  If you are a sleeper this may not be the job for you.
-Creating content for our blog and social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Youtube, Snapchat, Instagram, Google+).
-Managing our social media accounts and engaging with our client’s communities.
-Creating email campaigns and digital newsletters with fun, inspiring, and informative content.
-Monitoring our client’s online presence and keeping up to date with trends and changes in the social media sector.
-Using tools like Google Analytics to measure the effectiveness of our online initiatives

-Basic Photoshop
-Google Apps
-Google Analytics
-Time management tools
-Google search hacks

$30,000-$40,000 depending how awesome your references say you are.

40-50 hours per week
Your schedule may include early or late calls to accommodate global clients.

Secret Insider Info: If you read this far we have a surprise for you. So many people never actually read to the end of job applications but we have found in the past that the people who do make great candidates. Therefore, if you have what we are looking for then email and tell us two things: 1) how qualified you are for the position and 2) an interesting story about yourself, not related to your career, that will make us smile.

Extra points: if you find any spelling or grammatical errors in this post your name will go to the top of the pile. There are 2 that we know of. Also, it shows that read all the way to the bottom and are serious.  #easteregg