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September 09, 2017 Social Media Briefing – Facebook Unlikes

Subscribe to our weekly social media email and get this information first Newsletter Briefing Hey, Jumpwire Community! We are back! Hope you have all had a relaxing summer. Here is some weekend reading for you. How many “unlikes” on your Facebook page are too many? We have done some research using a cross section from 10 of our[…]


How to Tumblr: 3 Keys to Success

Every day, I’m Tumblin’ by Caitlin Michielsen   It’s Caitlin – content creator, community manager, and resident Tumblr Queen at Jumpwire 👑  No, seriously. That’s the title they gave me. I got a crown and everything. I’ve spent 6 of my 24 years of life on Tumblr. I think I’m qualified. Here’s the thing: No one[…]


Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – May 3, 2017

Keep up with the latest in social media by subscribing to our weekly Jumpwire Media Newsletter   Hey, it’s Gavin, here is what we found while we were poking around the interwebs this week. THE LEARNINGS:   I am spending a lot of time working on what a person’s ‘time wallet’ is. How much time do[…]


Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – March 24, 2017

Hey, it’s Gavin. It is all about Pinterest at Jumpwire at the moment. Three of our team members are researching this. We had no idea how big Pinterest is becoming and the more we dig the more impressed we are. Things we learned this week: Instagram now lets you save live videos from your account.[…]


Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – March 10, 2017

Hey, it’s Gavin. Here is what is interesting to us in social media this week. Things we learned this week: You can run two simultaneous live streams on a Facebook page via Facebook Live. More data to come. We are looking into using Instagram’s multiple image posts for the best practices. Instagram posts with 2 hashtags and[…]

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Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – March 2, 2017

Hey, it’s Gavin. We have had feedback from some of you that you want more learnings (not a word). Fine. Learnings you shall have. Things we learned this week: If you want to see creative Snapchat content, Duncan from our team is doing that and you need to see it. If you have a verified[…]


Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – February 22, 2017

Hey, it’s Gavin and here is what we found interesting this week in the world of social media. 1. YOUTUBE INSIGHTS AUDIT: The Media Rating Council is assessing 3 companies who gather data on Youtube and Facebook video metrics  – Google Agrees to YouTube Metrics Audit to Ease Advertisers’ Concerns 2. CENSORSHIP TWITTER: Um, this[…]