How to Manage Your Work-From-Home Life

Let’s get the introductions out of the way: I’m Caitlin. I’m a content creator and community manager at Jumpwire Media, with years of experience and viral posts under my belt. I collect teapots, I love Starbucks, I write novels, and I work from home 3 out of the 5 days during the week. It’s what[…]


How to Tumblr: 3 Keys to Success

Every day, I’m Tumblin’ by Caitlin Michielsen   It’s Caitlin – content creator, community manager, and resident Tumblr Queen at Jumpwire 👑  No, seriously. That’s the title they gave me. I got a crown and everything. I’ve spent 6 of my 24 years of life on Tumblr. I think I’m qualified. Here’s the thing: No one[…]