Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – May 3, 2017

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Hey, it’s Gavin, here is what we found while we were poking around the interwebs this week.


I am spending a lot of time working on what a person’s ‘time wallet’ is. How much time do we really have to spend with media each day? Here is some research showing that US adults will spend more than half the day with major media: US Adults Now Spend 12 Hours 7 Minutes a Day Consuming Media

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Here we go…again. Good article on how social media is the new television. “Statistics show that social activity around the Oscars was strong, despite the low viewership numbers, meaning that media companies and marketers should be paying more attention to their content on social.”


Remember April? Well, there was a lot of social media news.This article from Hubspot has a few things even I missed. Examples: One in five Facebook videos are broadcast live, there are 100K active bots on Facebook Messenger, and Snapchat started measuring foot traffic to brick-and-mortar locations.


A very well written article in the Guardian by the author (and former Facebook disciple) of Chaos Monkey. “I was at Facebook in 2012, during the previous presidential race. The fact that Facebook could easily throw the election by selectively showing a Get Out the Vote reminder in certain counties of a swing state, for example, was a running joke.”


Not gonna lie, the more unique behind the scenes content we post about our awesome Jumpwire team the more engagement we get on our social. People love to see how a company works. Trust me. Birthday cakes? Yes. Dogs and cats? Yes. Home office shenanigans? Yep. Our parents partying like it’s 1999? Nope. This article has a great overview of what you need to do.


I loved Yik Yak. You probably never heard of it. It was a social network where anonymity ruled. It was huge on college campuses so it gave you a unique peek into what college was like in 2017. It wasn’t pretty. It spiraled into bullying and booty calls. Square just bought the engineering team for $1 million.


Stop the insane back and forth with others to find a time for a meeting by using Calendly.com. Hooks directly to your Gmail. I use it and the time savings are huge. Protip: book out an hour in your calendar for lunch or people will book meetings with you then. Guaranteed.


Major apps abandoning Apple Watch, including Google Maps, Amazon & eBay. I use few apps on my watch except for the airline apps.


It was my birthday this week. Yay me! Yawn. However, something great came out of it. Apparently, there is a person who makes bad Youtube videos using your name along with Happy Birthday. Here is Happy Birthday Gavin for all the Gavin’s out there. Genius.


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Have a great week!     


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