Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – June 15th, 2017

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Hey, it’s Gavin,
From R&D: FOMO and controversy are still working as content devices for developing more engagement with posts across most platforms. For companies – behind the scenes shots of staff giving the brand a ‘face’ still receive significant engagement from followers.

Facebook $$: Facebook Building Feature to Let Users Subscribe to News Publications This is sort of a big deal as FB works on giving your more ways to monetize your fans. I also heard a rumor that they have video subscription for FB pages in beta as well.

Instagram for ROI: How to Add Links to Instagram Stories: 3 Steps to Drive Traffic & Sales You don’t need a verified account to have links in your Stories now. This is significant as you can now drive to places outside Instagram’s platform. The feature is still slowly rolling out — remain calm.

How to Gram: 13 Hidden Hacks to Make Your Instagram Stories Stand Out Quick read with great info. Example: If you are following hundreds of people but only want to see your Grandmother’s stories you can ‘mute’ the others.

Snapchat Saved?: This is a great article giving you in-depth details you need to know about Snap ads. We are testing now. A Guide to Snapchat Advertising as Self-Serve Tool Officially Opens.

Final Gram: Instagram’s Archive Feature is Now Available for Everyone to Hide Embarrassing Old Photos. Not only can you archive but you can unarchive posts. This is great for brands that want to kill posts (when rebranding or getting rid of posts of products no longer available) without losing valuable analytics.

Finally, a big welcome to our new senior account manager, Jasmine EllsworthShe and her multi-colored hair will be based out of our LA offices. Jasmine will oversee all of our clients globally and help bring more ideas and insights to our teams. Welcome!

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