Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – July 26th, 2017

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We have been focused on understanding and using groups on both Facebook and LinkedIn. Both platforms have been improving their groups product recently. Consider setting up a group for your business this week and testing it out.



1) Facebook groups for brand pages announced (read more)

  • Since the FB News Feed prioritizes showing content that gets lots of clicks and Likes, niche content could often fall flat and reach few people. Groups can help this.
  • Also, the issue that Trump’s polarization of the United States has made sharing political content to Facebook a minefield of angry relatives and extremist high school classmates.
  • Groups also help super-fans who want to be a part of the day-to-day discussion of the decisions inside the walls of an organization they care about, and more importantly to connect with everyone else who feels the same way.

2) Social Media Is For Branding and Engagement, Not Traffic or Revenue (read more)

  • Social media is now becoming a one-to-few — and often one-to-one — channel.
  • Many major publishers have been seeing a fall in Facebook referral traffic — some as much as 50 percent.
  • There are now more people using the top four messaging apps than people using the top four social media apps.
  • It’s not about the quantity of the broadcast anymore: it’s about the quality of the conversation. You can’t brute force your audience into clicking or buying.

3) How I Used Social Media To Build A Business From Scratch (read more)

  • Know how each platform works.
    • Instagram is a visual portfolio
    • LinkedIn is a virtual resume
    • Twitter is a digital communicator
    • Facebook and Snapchat are two platforms that aren’t always the best first step for recruitment
  • Having an accurate and up to date profile.
  • Always pitch on a digital platform as you would in person.
  • You should have formalized processes for when you’ve secured new employees.

4) Use Instagram On Any Computer Like You Would On A Smartphone (read more)

  • Everyone knows IG for desktop is not great.
  • Safari has workarounds to let you post via desktop.
  • Google Chrome has an extension to let you view IG Stories on desktop.
  • Add extension here

5) TV Ratings Will Now Include Hulu Live and YouTube TV (read more)

  • Nielsen Holdings will begin including the “views” metric from Hulu Live + YouTube TV in its rating system within the United States.
  • This is designed to account for TV-watchers who have canceled their television subscriptions in favor of online/social media TV.
  • The number of subscribers to each service remains unknown for now.

6) How Instagram Is Reshaping Restaurant Design (read more)

  • Restaurants are changing interior design to appeal to photographers and Instagrammers.
  • Guests take on average 10 minutes taking pictures before ordering/eating.
  • Helps people capture the essence of the experience.
  • Some of the popularity of these photos can result in a tired similarity – but that’s what makes them popular.


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