Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – July 20th, 2017

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1)  The Ultimate Clapback Brands on the Interwebs: 

Links to case studies and articles on how brands deal with the insanity that is the general public. Lots of great learning here.

  • Delta
    • When you read this one you will realize that Ann Coulter was making something out of nothing. Delta fought back.
  • IHOP vs DENNY’S twitter war
    • Was this orchestrated? We don’t care, it’s great entertainment.
  • Wendy’s
    • The clapback comedy snark queen. No question.
  • Zoo Cute Animal Tweet-Off:
    • Best thing on the internet this summer.
  • (Old/2015) Nihilist Arby’s
    • Still amazing. Not affiliated with the brand. “Kelly said he began thinking about how funny it would be if a social media manager for a restaurant chain “just lost it, after sending out yet another tweet about something [inane] like a new dipping sauce. And I said to whoever I was speaking to at the time, ‘It should be called something incredibly stupid like Nihilist Arby’s.'” Twitter Handle: https://twitter.com/nihilist_arbys

2) Social Media Optimization: When to Use Facebook vs. Pinterest vs. Instagram


  • Facebook
    • You’ll need to be prepared to have a daily budget to ensure that your posts are seen by your customers and target audience.
  • Pinterest
    • According to the social network “More men are using Pinterest in the U.S. than read Sports Illustrated and GQ combined.”
  • Instagram
    • Whether you’re a B2B or B2C company your target audience is almost certainly using Instagram.

3) Can’t get enough GIFs? Now you can record your own on Facebook


  • If you’re an iPhone user, when you swipe left to get to the Facebook camera, you’ll see a new option to record your very own gif.
  • You can add the gif to your Facebook story, post it to your page, or save it locally to your iPhone.
  • Only certain iPhone users appear to be able to access the GIF function, and Android seems to be completely left in the dark for now.

4) Boring Videos, Be Gone!


  • Have A Story And Subject In Mind
    • Create a story around your content.
    • Let your audience build their own story.
    • Keep it consistent.
  • Get High
    • Get a drone.
    • Find new visual perspectives and angles.
  • Editing Is Everything
    • Take the time to edit your pictures and videos even for Instagram Stories.
    • Use apps to make your pictures fit with your overall story.

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