Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – July 12th 2017

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Hey, Jumpwire Community!

Here’s what the Jumpwire team thought you would find valuable this week in social media.


1) How to reply to Instagram Stories with a photo or video

  • Ensure you’ve updated your Instagram app to version 10.28 (or above).
  • To reply to a story, tap the camera button while watching a story.
  • Capture a photo, video or boomerang and add any creative tools you’d like.
  • Replies to your story appear in your inbox.
  • Video/photo replies appear in blue and disappear after being viewed.

2) Use of Interactive Content on the Rise [Research]

  • Creating interactive content is becoming the most important strategy in social media.
  • The survey inquired about the use of 11 types of interactive content for content marketing purposes.
    • Assessments were the most-cited type (54%),
    • Calculators (52%),
    • Contests (50%),
    • Quizzes (48%).
  • 81% agree that interactive content grabs attention more effectively than static content.
  • 79% agree that interactive content enhances retention of brand messaging when combined with traditional marketing tactics.
  • 79% agree that interactive content can have reusable value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures.

3) How to Use Facebook Live to Increase Engagement with Followers

  • Make sure you go live for 30 minutes or more.
  • Taking your viewers behind-the-scenes creates transparent experiences, bringing a level of authenticity to your content.
  • Initiate conversation by asking for their feedback in the comments to boost engagement.
  • Facebook Live gives your followers another way to digest your blog content that appeals more to their interest.

4) How to launch a brand on Instagram

  • Key points when building your brand:
    • Learn about your demographic
    • Monitor behavior
    • Develop your communication
    • Create value
    • Diligently engage



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(Blog Image Source)