Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – Aug 4th, 2017

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Two items you may find interesting that are not related directly to social media but may be in the future:
1) Bitcoin universe has created the Basic Attention Token that improves the efficiency of digital advertising by creating a new token that can be exchanged between publishers, advertisers, and users.
2) Bots are becoming a serious problem and large brands are over it. P&G Cuts More Than $100 Million in ‘Largely Ineffective’ Digital Ads

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1) How Wannabe Instagram influencers Use Bots to Appear Popular (read more)

  • There are no hard stats that show how many Instagram accounts use this trick (bots)
  • Bot use is prominent mainly among small brands and influencers trying to get started on the platform
  • Bot use is not just limited to influencers and brands — agencies like this hack, too
  • Viral Nation, a social influencer talent agency, receives 50 to 100 influencer applications on a daily basis, and 20-30 percent of them have used bots on Instagram

2) How Successful Brands Use Instagram for Marketing (read more)

  • Know what you’re posting, why you’re posting it, and how it will create conversation
  • Gives a list of Top 8 really successful IGs:
    • Nike, Sephora, Vans, Finfolk Productions, Lululemon, National Geographic, ASOS, Starbucks

3) Facebook Bought This Bot Maker to Boost AI Efforts (read more)

  • The same day FB shut down their AI bots for making their own language — Facebook acquired Palo Alto-based small bot specialist Ozlo — wait, what?
  • Ozlo is focused on conversation, which Facebook has been prioritizing with its own bot development research
  • Founder, Charles Jolley, is a Facebook alum and some of the company’s 30 employees will be moving to Facebook
  • Note from article: Facebook says it now has 2 billion site users monthly

4)  How To Optimize Images for Social Media (read more)

  • Bit of a refresher, here’s how to optimally size images for all the main socials
  • If you’re running a website, make your images SEO friendly to give yourself a boost in search (you can also do this on Pinterest and Twitter)





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