September 28th, 2017 – Jumpwire Social Media Briefing

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Some social media related articles. Some not 😉

YOUTUBE: Amazon’s Echo Show loses its access to YouTube – While YouTube claims that the Echo Show feature “violates our terms of service, creating a broken user experience,” Amazon says “there is no technical reason for that decision.”

VIDEO: Vimeo acquires Livestream, launches its own live video product – Vimeo abandoned its plans to launch a subscription video-on-demand business earlier this year and is now focusing on live.

TWITTER: Twitter just doubled the character limit for tweets to 280 – and this change has created a huge debate inside Twitter. Good article on this.

WHATSAPP: – WhatsApp is now almost fully blocked in China – “What’s alarming is that it appears the Chinese government has developed special software just to block WhatsApp.”

STREAMING: About 6 in 10 young adults in U.S. primarily use online streaming to watch TV – The survey marks the latest in a number of Pew Research Center findings that show how much the internet and apps have shifted people’s access pathways to media and some types of content in recent years.

GIFS: Giphy taps Google AI tech to help you find the right GIF – If you’re trying to find the “where are the turtles” quote from The Office, you’ll actually see GIFs related to that quote — not every vaguely turtle-related picture under the Sun.

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