September 20th Jumpwire Social Media Briefing

Hey, Jumpwire Community!

We are always working on community management techniques to build engagement. One of the key techniques is giving your audience tasks to do on your Facebook page.

  • Have them upload a picture that relates to your brand and give a prize to the best one.
  • Create a debate about something related to your brand by priming both sides in the comments.
  • Engage people who like or comment regularly on your page and create a conversation with them.

FACEBOOK: How to Use Facebook Video Ads to Move People Through Your Sales Funnel – Some good pointers if you are thinking of using video on Facebook.

INSTAGRAM: What Instagram’s Big Change Means for Users – Move from 3 panels in the Grid to 4. Some people think it has to do with larger phone screens.

LINKEDIN: Here Are 20 LinkedIn Do’s and Don’ts From Digital Marketing Pros – Three tasters: Think one-to-one, Get granular with your settings, Audience analysis can drive your sophisticated strategies.

MORE LINKEDIN: LinkedIn looks to become dominant ad force – Microsoft owns Linkedin and you can now target Outlook users via Linkedin ads.

ICYMI: Wendy’s just destroyed Carl’s Jr. in a brutal Twitter feud – Savage.

Mind blown, right? (Jasmine’s head exploding as gifed by Duncan)

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