New iOS 12 Features, Get More Traffic On Pinterest And All You Need To Know About Article 13 – September 18th, 2018 – Jumpwire Social Media Briefing

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SOCIAL MEDIA NEWS: Who gets their news from which social media sites? Link

  • 68% of people say they get their news from some social media at least sometimes
  • 57% of people expect the news they hear from social media to be largely inaccurate
  • 61% of Facebook’s news consumers are female

E-GAMING: Forget Instagram, teen influencers are making thousands from online gaming. Link

INSTAGRAM STORIES: 5 creative tips for Instagram Stories (from Facebook’s Creative Shop Team). Link

Some cool things you can try with your stories are:

  • Rainbow text
  • Face filters
  • Layering

PINTEREST: This platform now has over 250 million monthly users! Find out how to get more traffic from Pinterest. Link

SOCIAL MEDIA POLICY: The EU’s new copyright directive could ban memes and platforms will need to pay publishers when people link to their websites. Link

iOS 12: These iOS 12 features may improve your life and make your phone… faster? Link

1. Performance
2. Battery Life
3. Screen time feature

EXPLAINER VIDEOS: View some of the most successful video marketing campaigns to date. Link


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