Santa Monica – Administrative Assistant

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We are looking for a detail oriented, process minded, energetic Admin Assistant for our Santa Monica office located near Arizona and 6th. We will know we will have hired the right person when we call your references.  They will all say you, “crush it daily” and they wondered where you, “got all your energy from”.  Every. Single. One. The candidate will have excellent references and demonstrable examples of master organization, multi-tasking and understanding of office systems and processes.  Ninjas look up to you and are terrified of you. You are that organized and efficient.



Our ideal candidate: Has at least 2 years admin assistant experience at a medium sized advertising or marketing agency in Los Angeles organizing offices, people and processes. Was a former General in some fictitious army but got bored.  Yes, bored so they moved into office administration.  GET DOWN AND GIMME 20 SOLDIER! NOW! Suffers from Acute Detailitis (made up word) – Examples: a single piece of lint on a sweater 20 feet away can make our ideal candidate nauseated and spelling errors in emails can lead to weapons being drawn.  Seriously.


  1. Organizing office operations and procedures.
  2. Onboarding new employees (email setup, key cards, wifi passwords, etc).
  3. Happy listening to people whine about minor issues and smiling about it.
  4. Coordinating payroll set-up, adjustments and issues.
  5. Managing Google Drive and email access for employees.
  6. Reviewing supply requisitions and, in some cases, employee expense claims.
  7. Implementing systems and processes to make the office more efficient.
  8. Assisting in the development and implementation of office policies by establishing standards and procedures with the management team.
  9. Team member admin such as scheduling employees; monitoring work results and reporting results to the appropriate executive.
  10. Keeping management up to date in the office by summarizing information in weekly reports and meetings.
  11. Maintaining team by assisting with recruitment, and orienting employees.
  12. Maintaining office admin budget and budget reports to CEO.

Employee Assistance:

  1. Assisting with the development of job descriptions.
  2. Posting job openings on LinkedIn.
  3. Assisting with the hiring process by coordinating all candidate applications and  interviews.
  4. You love it when employees are on time.  You LOVE it.  In fact, if being on time was a person you would be Insta-stalking them daily.  Hmm, I wonder what ‘ being on time’ is up to today. Oh wow, being on time was early to a meeting. So cool.
  5. Assisting with new Employment Agreements and coordinating signatures via HelloSign.
  6. Coordinating all new employee and payroll forms.
  7. Coordinating the Leave Request processes and tracking all employee leave.
  8. Coordinating team schedules and calendars with reporting to Team Leads.
  9. Coordinating the management of probation periods for all employees.
  10. Coordinating performance management for all employees.
  11. Assisting with travel needs and bookings for employees.
  12. Assisting with booking meetings as needed for employees.

Client Assistance:

Coordinating invoicing with bookkeeping and accounting firms.
Invoicing includes: Setting up accounts, overseeing media buy ad purchases for social media networks, balancing accounts, following up with late payments.


  • Experience maintaining budgets and client invoicing or willingness to learn.
  • Experience in typical administrative office duties, with excellent communication and writing skills.
  • Excellent people skills. Equally loves working in a team as working autonomously but refuses to share their jelly donut. We totally get that. Jellies are sacred.
  • Loves booking meetings, re-booking meetings, then booking them again and then again… you get the idea. We’re busy. There’s a lot of shifting.
  • Is willing to be available outside of traditional business hours, as we work as a remote team across several time zones.
  • Is a travel booking God! Ideally you have been to many places all over the world and booked flights, hotels, and rental cars – like a boss.


We are looking for a candidate who is digitally savvy and comfortable with rapidly changing technology, constant multi-tasking and already possesses skills and knowledge of the following platforms:

  • Google Apps: Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides (if you haven’t used Google Apps before this is probably not the job for you).
  • HelloSign (document signing software)
  • LinkedIn (personal profile up to date)
  • Teamwork (or other project management software)
  • Slack (or other instant messaging program)
  • Toggl (or other time tracking software)
  • Personal usage of Facebook or other social network on a daily basis.


$30,000-$40,000 depending on how awesome your references say you are.


40-50 hours per week. Your schedule may include early or late calls to accommodate global clients.

Secret Insider Info: If you read this far we have a surprise for you. So many people never actually read to the end of job applications but we have found in the past that the people who do make great candidates. Therefore, if you have what we are looking for then email and tell us two things: 1) how qualified you are for the position and 2) an interesting story about yourself, not related to your career, that will make us smile.