All Our Learnings from Social Media Marketing World 2017

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Hey, it’s Gavin,

I asked the Jumpwire team for their key takeaways from Social Media Marketing World 2017, March 22-24th in San Diego. We took a big group this year to try and go to as many sessions as possible during the conference.  Katie, Duffy, Katee, Tee, and I had spent a lot of time together and apparently I talk a lot.  Like, a lot, a lot.  They all have their quirks as well but won’t embarrass them by adding them here.

My main takeaway from the conference was bots. You are going to see them more and more on your social media platforms. We are still trying to understand best practices around bots but it’s clear that they are the future. We have some tests going on in our R&D that I will update you with in the future. If you want to create a bot on your own this site was mentioned in a few of the sessions I went to – Many Chat

Here are some insights from the rest of the team:

Katie Chung (Account Manager):

My key takeaways from SMMW17? Facebook ads are incredibly powerful and Live video is the next big thing. With Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter heavily pushing Live content, it’s no surprise that this is where the future of social media is headed. As Joel Comm (@joelcomm) put it, “Live video is the most significant leap in social media since the creation of the iPhone.”

With sessions led by amazing ad analysts such as Dennis Yu, Larry Kim and Jon Loomer, the amount of learnings was endless! A few key points from each session below:

Dennis Yu (@deninsyu):

  • Don’t be afraid to boost posts!
  • Try to be organic – when it looks and feels like an ad, you’ll get low relevancy scores
  • Follow the awareness, engagement and conversion funnel – if you want leads, you’ll need to work on awareness and engagement first!
  • The future? Facebook Messenger bot – it’s a great tool for engagement and customer service

Larry Kim (@larrykim):

  • Find quality content (or as Kim calls it, the unicorn of your content) and ignore the content that didn’t perform well (the donkeys of content)
  • Once you find the unicorn, boost those posts and mimic the qualities from that post. Don’t be afraid to post similar posts that work

Jon Loomer (@jonloomer):

  • Custom audiences are incredibly helpful when creating a leads campaign
  • You can target most frequent website visitors, those who register to an event, those who visit a web page, those who engage with your Page, those who message your Page and/or those who have watched a video on your Page

Tee Komsa (Business Development Coordinator)

My experience at #SMMW17 helped me learn more about content.

I attended three of the workshop sessions on the first day. Although the hour and a half sounded a bit daunting beforehand, they proved to fly by, leaving me with many takeaways and great conversation starters.

Session 1: @YaroStarak

How to Set up Your Blog and Email to Sell Your Product on Autopilot

  • It’s all about Automation, Ownership & Storytelling
  • People want to know your journey!
  • Once they know you and can relate to you, they will buy your products.
  • Recommends sending daily emails to your newsletter list.

Session 2: @RebekahRadice

How to Create Highly Shareable Social Media Images

  • Very important to define your style guide and stay consistent!
  • Do this by outlining 4 things: 1) Colours 2) Fonts 3) Images 4) Nail down your message/voice.
  • The best content are: Quotes, Data/Infographic Charts, Videos
  • CONTENT HACK: 1600 x 800 w/ 160 pixel padding – fits image for EVERY social media platform!

Session 3: @HeidiCohen

How to Create Quality Blog Posts Consistently

  • All blog posts need a mission (why), audience (who), context (what)
  • Think of blog posts as a 3 act play… Act 1: The Opening, Act 2: The Substance, Act 3: Conclusion
  • Your blog posts shouldn’t all be the same! Provide variety for your readers by using different types of blogs, such as foundation, customer FAQ, and crowd pleasers.

Katee Duarte (Business Development Manager)

While the group tackled Facebook ads and pinning, some of the most interesting sessions I attended focused on building the framework of a successful business and tools utilized within a small company. Check out some of my favorite takeaways:

How to Build Your Online Personal Brand for Long-Term Business (Chris Ducker,

  • Put a premium on relationships – clients want to do business with companies they understand, know, and trust
  • There is power in serving over selling
  • Market like a magnet – attract the best, repel the rest
  • Focus on P2P business = people to people

How to Set up & Run a Mastermind that will Transform your Business & Life (Dan Miller,

Benefits of a Mastermind:

  • Mutual support
  • Accountability
  • Differing perspectives
  • Encouragement
  • Honest feedback
  • Relationships
  • Confidentiality
  • Collaboration

Steps to build a Mastermind/ questions to consider:

  • The primary reason I want to start a Mastermind Group is…?
  • Our focus will be primarily (business, personal, intellectual, etc)…?
  • In the first three years, I’d like to see what accomplishments for myself and the other members…?
  • I’d like us to be known in our community and around the country as…?
  • We will have _______ members
  • We will meet at ________ each month/ week
  • Our fee structure will be ________

Building Facebook Groups (Jenn Scalia, Peg Fitzpatrick

  • Think of your Facebook page as a ‘billboard’ and your Facebook group as a ‘private club’
  • You get to choose whether your Facebook group is paid entry or free to join, but once you start, you should keep it that way – otherwise, there is too much confusion for new members
  • Establish rules and post them – there needs to be guidelines and participant expectations
    • Ideas: 3 strike policy, no self-promotion, a special day each month where self-promotion is allowed, etc.
  • The best group growth comes from promotion, referrals, Facebook ads, and collaborations
  • Managing a huge Facebook Group? Grytics is a great software tool that finds content and posts that need responses

 Duffy Dibley (Account Manager)

Now that the dust has settled from the whirlwind that is SMMW 2017, I’m digging through my notes and all I have to say is WOW. With so many brilliant and skilled speakers crammed in a few days, the real challenge will be how to reduce all these gems into a few bullet-points below.

  • Content, content, content, CONTENT! The word was uttered about 16 million times in those few days, and for good reason: Content truly is king. I know we all “know it”, but how much time and effort are you really putting into your content? Do your posts flow well on your Instagram account? Are you really saying what you need to in a concise manner, or are you blabbering on? Are you writing in run-on sentences or are you breaking up the content into short manageable sentences? I could go on and on with more tips.
  • Once you have good content and your audience is engaging, things are perfect, right? Well, not fully. In numerous seminars, we learned the art of the boost. When to boost. When not to. WHO to boost to. Who not to. Instead of throwing an idle $25 to boost a post that you think is important (while you pay astronomically high $-per-engagement) there is a secret that blew away a room full of Social Media Gurus: boost what is doing amazing instead of what isn’t.
  • But what about the elephant in the room, the one platform that no one is talking about: Pinterest? Well, my friends, with 150 million active monthly users, Pinterest is here to stay and is making INSANE leaps and bounds that all I have to say is: if you aren’t using it, you are losing a freeway of traffic to your website. Do you have a Pinterest account? How many boards do you have? You shouldn’t have more than 100. Are your boards searchable? Did you know that you can lose a giant percentage of followers by deleting boards? Hide them instead. Did you know that, unlike all other social platforms, faces DON’T do well on Pinterest? Think about it this way: you have three seconds to grab their attention on Pinterest: How can you maximize a pin so that your audience is engaged? Hint: you don’t have to name a pin the same as the site that you are driving the audience to!