UPDATED: Jumpwire Tracks Golden Globe Social Media Rankings

*See towards the end for our updated rankings.

If a nominated film has great social media will it win the Golden Globe for best picture?

That was the question we asked when the list of nominees for Best Motion Picture were announced on December 12th, 2016. Here is what we found when we ranked each of the nominated films on December 15th, 2016 (see results image below).

We looked at 6 key social media metrics: 1) audience, 2) engagement, 3) activity, 4) amplification, 5) applause, and 6) conversation.

We then gave each film a ranking out of 1000 based on the numbers pulled from the 6 metrics above.

Deadpool blew everyone else away. “It’s because they released at the beginning of the year,” I hear you caw. Yes, but Hacksaw Ridge released on November 2 just 6 weeks before the nominations and it was ranked second behind Deadpool. No, Deadpool is at the top because it is a comic book character and it had a huge fan following even before the film was released.



Then we waited. We waited until after the ‘holiday film going’ extravaganza. We then pulled another set of rankings to see what had happened.

Well, La La Land happened. Yes, the favored film to win the Golden Globe, jumped from 7th place to 4th place going from an 80 social score to a 125 (see results below).

“What did they do to jump so many places in the ranking?” Every metric we tracked was way up. From the number of posts to the amount of engagement and this increased their social score considerably.


Now, we wait again. We will release our final rankings Wednesday, January 11th, 2017 a few days after the awards are presented. We do this to allow the data to settle. For example, Facebook’s data usually takes up to 72 hours to be finalized.

Check back here on January 11th to see Deadpool as the winner.  I’m kidding! I’M KIDDING!


Winning a Golden Globe can really help your social media ranking (see below).  La La Land moved from fourth in our ranking system to second gaining 36 points in 8 days. This is a massive jump. Sadly, the conclusion is that social media does not influence the winning of a Golden Globe.






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