Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – Nov 11

We had to wait until the election was over before I sent this. We had to. One can’t make quips about the president-elect if one is unsure who they are, now can they? Here’s what we are excited about in social media this week.

  1. Podcast: We made a social media news podcast. Different stories from the newsletter but still interesting.
  2. Strategy: Reminders for when you build your social media strategy for 2017:
    1. Mobile first everything (your website, your social, your content)
    2. Pinterest is becoming a serious contender. You need to be on it.
    3. Think about how people are finding your brand on search if they don’t use Google. Instagram hashtag search. Facebook search.
  3. Facebook: Using Facebook helps you live longer  (Katee)
  4. Apple: What is going on at Apple? The new MacBook Pro is not faring well. Check out 3 good articles theVerge, Recode, and WSJ. (Danielle)
  5. Linkedin: Now helps you find the salary you deserve. Great idea.

Bonus: You can now search Google Trends for Youtube videos. Genius. (via Stephen Spencer)

Have a great week!


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