Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – February 22, 2017

Hey, it’s Gavin and here is what we found interesting this week in the world of social media.

1. YOUTUBE INSIGHTS AUDIT: The Media Rating Council is assessing 3 companies who gather data on Youtube and Facebook video metrics  – Google Agrees to YouTube Metrics Audit to Ease Advertisers’ Concerns

2. CENSORSHIP TWITTER: Um, this is really serious. If you only read one of these links this is it as other social platforms are also doing this – Twitter is ‘ghost’ deleting tweets it deems to be offensive without informing users (Dion)

3. SNAP INC: Wait, what? One way Snapchat’s IPO will be unique: The shares won’t come with voting rights (Katie)

4. COMPANIES ON SOCIAL: This is a great article that many of us agree with who have businesses but keep reading as it has some good info – When Social Media Is A Waste of Time for Businesses (Tyler)

5. FACEBOOK: Linkedin? Yeah, buh bye – Job Postings and Applications Now on Facebook (Michelle)

6. SPOTIFY TROLLS IT’S USERS AGAIN: Spotify Builds More Funny Ads Around User Data, This Time Saluting Goofy Playlist Names (Katee)


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Have a great week!


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