Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – Aug 10th, 2017

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Hey, Jumpwire Community!

At Jumpwire we feel the future of social media is a community. Managing your community effectively can pay dividends over the long term.

Here are some questions to consider when building a social media community.

1) How do you measure the health of your community?
2) Look at CPA (cost per acquisition) when building the community?
3) How often should you check in with the community (hourly, daily, weekends)? What is their escalation policy to ensure the safety of the community and your brand?
4) Is social media as a cost center or profit center? If profit, how do you leverage that for the client and what are the KPIs?
5) Can the people running the community explain simply how the Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter newsfeed algorithms work?
6) What is the content mix you should consider for posting on each platform?

NOTE: We will be doing a webinar next week answering these and other questions for those who are members of our Jumpwire Academy

1) Google reportedly building Snapchat Discover competitor into search

2) Desktop users could soon see Facebook Stories in their browser

3) Google employee fired over diversity row considers legal action

4) How to use Instagram Stories: Everything you need to know

5) Google reveals sites with ‘failing’ ads, including Forbes, LA Times

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