July 26 – Jumpwire Social Media Briefing

Hey, it’s Gavin and this is what is keeping social media relevant this week:

  1. Snapchat vs Zuck: Is Facebook trying to copy Snapchat again? Yes, with photos that disappear after 24 hours. Yawn. Article
  2. Algorithmics: Facebook’s “Oops, it was the algorithm” is getting a bit thin.  Facebook admits blocking WikiLeaks’ DNC email links, but won’t say why
  3. POKEMON!! Pokemon Go at Comic Con talks new features, how they are fixing glitches, and that keeping the servers online is the priority. Article
  4. It Had to Happen: Someone mashed up nature documentary guru David Attenborough narrating Pokemon Go and it’s genius (if you haven’t played Go this will give you a good idea of how it looks). VIDEO
  5. Trolling 101: Instagram Just Gave Celebs The Power to Prevent Abusive Trolls
  6. The Bots Are Coming: This Netflix Recommendation Bot is SurprisinglyAccurate, When You’re Specific
  7. Deal of the Week: Yahoo-Verizon deal means Verizon will know more about you. Article

The One ThingMicro dog attacks when owner flips him the finger Could. Not. Stop. Laughing.

Thanks to the Jumpwire Team for finding the good stuff.

Have a great week!