2018 Predictions, 2017 data analysis, and Facebook cracks down on publishers – January 9th, 2018

This post has it all – 2017 data analysis, our 2018 predictions, and interesting social media tidbits. New Year? Hello!

As you know we love data here at Jumpwire so we parsed all of our newsletter data from 2017 to help us determine what 3 stories you found interesting.

BUT FIRST…Facebook had a BIG change over the holiday season that will affect lots of people who create content.  They are really cracking down on publishers who use engagement bait to gain reach. Text that says: “LIKE this if you’re an Aries or LOVE this if you’re a Leo.” or “Share with 10 friends for a chance to win a new car!” will get very little reach. We have seen this with some of our clients already.


Below are the top 3 articles from our 2017 newsletters based on your clicks. 

1) We posted this article on April 27th and it had the most ‘unique’ clicks last year. Hubspot updated the post in October 2017. It’s a worthwhile read. The Decline of Organic Facebook Reach & How to Outsmart the Algorithm

2) This was our second most clicked article. The Guardian published this story about “Facebook moving non-promoted posts out of news feed in a trial.”  The sub headling was quite dramatic. ‘New system could destroy smaller publishers if implemented after journalists report a drop in organic reach – but users will still see their friends’ posts.’

3) Video was a big deal in 2017 and will be more so in 2018. This article from Video Ink was our third most clicked on. Not surprising. 5 Must-Know Takeaways from VidCon 2017

Our 2018 Predictions

1) Pinterest is a rolling force that can not be ignored. We have almost all of our clients on it. Works really well for products.
2) Linkedin has over 500 million users and their algorithm is starting to really take hold. A great way to get your brand message out if you put up strong personal content.
3) Alternative platforms will be an opportunity to reach new audiences such as SMS (text), email, forums (Discord), Reddit.
4) Video will grow again but you will need to create your own rather than repurposing. Take for example, Facebook and Giphy, if a gif gets too popular the Facebook algorithm quashes it. The same will happen with video. Essentially, you probably shouldn’t use trending content in 2018 to build social media engagement. We are not saying don’t do it. We are just saying don’t only do that.
5) More brands will move from audience interaction to fan engagement. Audiences you talk at but fans you talk with. This is an important part of your strategy for 2018.
6) Instagram will take over Facebook as the most engaged platform. We are having new clients start on Instagram rather than Facebook…so there’s that.
7) You will see more social communities behind paywalls.

Other People’s 2018 Predictions That We Liked

1) The Social Media Examiner always has a lengthy list of predictions. This year is no different. We found number 20 the most interesting.
#20: Video Views Become a Vanity Metric — With each platform counting their video views differently (Snapchat at 1 second, Twitter at 2 seconds, Facebook/Instagram at 3 seconds, and YouTube at 30 seconds), it’s not about the number of views anymore. We only get the same 86,400 seconds in a day.

2) Entrepreneur Magazine also has a good list of predictions. Much of it focused on Generation Z. We found #4 interesting. A recent study conducted by Goldman Sachs concluded that Generation Z was more valuable to most organizations than millennials.

3) Social Media Today Predictions for 2018 [Infographic] Yes, an infographic so you can read it in less than a minute. Nuff said.

TIL – People have spent over $1M buying virtual cats on the Ethereum blockchain. It’s happening people and you need to read this to get in. NOW!