How to Tumblr: 3 Keys to Success

Every day, I’m Tumblin’ by Caitlin Michielsen



It’s Caitlin – content creator, community manager, and resident Tumblr Queen at Jumpwire 👑  No, seriously. That’s the title they gave me. I got a crown and everything. I’ve spent 6 of my 24 years of life on Tumblr. I think I’m qualified.

Here’s the thing: No one talks about Tumblr anymore. Everyone’s embarrassed to say they have an active account. One of my favorite brands just quit! (Indigo Teen, I’m looking at you.)

Whether you’re new to Tumblr or if you’ve been here for as long as I have, here are 3 key things you need to know:


1)  XKit


For the love of the internet, use XKit. It is a lifesaver. It’s a free browser extension that completely revolutionizes the way you experience Tumblr:


  • Reblog with one click without ever leaving the dashboard
  • Quickly add a couple tags or load the whole bundle of them
  • Choose which blog to share to (Yes, you can have multiple sideblogs – I have seven)
  • Blacklist or whitelist certain words or blogs
  • Add automatic tags to certain kinds of posts
  • Remove those obnoxious Tumblr ads from the dashboard
  • XKit Guy is the real MVP 🙌

(This is what one-click reblog looks like – yes, that’s my account – yes, you can follow me)


2) Be Original




Content is king (or should I say queen?). It’s true across all platforms. Original content performs best. This gif sums up all the amazing things you can do on Tumblr:

It also integrates seamlessly with YouTube, Vimeo, and other video-sharing sites, so get creating! Whether you’re into books, movies, anime, cowboys, roleplaying, or that baby-faced sun from the Teletubbies – there’s a place for you and all your Tumblr obsessions. I found a whole bunch of good examples below all of which are really good.


3) Tags


Tags on Tumblr are not like tags anywhere else. Tumblr practically invented them. Important things to remember about Tumblr tags:

  • The first 5 tags are searchable on original content only!
    • If you reblog something, it won’t show up in the search
  • Tags help other users explore your blog or blacklist certain posts
    • Or whitelist!
  • Add your thoughts to the tags without oversaturating the original post
    • #i’m screaming this episode killed me what are they going to do now, #how could they kill off everyone literally everyone???, #I’M DEAD DECEASED WOW
    • “Tag yourself as X” (Get it now?)
  • Pro tip: You can move tags around by clicking and dragging
  • Pro tip #2: You don’t actually have to include the hashtag before every tag, Tumblr does that automatically
  • Pro tip #3: Separate tags by pressing tab or comma

No one gets Tumblr the first time. It takes work. It takes energy. It’s completely overwhelming. But it’s a unique networking tool to find like-minded people and create something that’s completely tailored to your tastes. Whole new experiences await you, if you’re willing to scroll for hours on end.

(Bonus advice: Don’t use Tumblr mobile. Just don’t. It’s the worst app out there. Tumblr is a desktop experience. Revel in it.)


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