How to get verified on Instagram, Jordan Peele, Creepy Facebook – April 18th Jumpwire Social Briefing

Here are some articles and posts that we found useful this week.

Pinterest redesigns business profile pages with monthly viewer counts – LINK

How to get verified on Instagram – LINK

Traffic Has Plummeted Since the Update’: Publishers Worry About the Future of Snapchat Discover – LINK

So you wanna buy some video views. We got you! — Buy Facebook Video Views Now – LINK

British pub chain Wetherspoons deletes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram over ‘bad publicity’ – LINK

It’s a mess and here’s why — 5 Reasons Why Digital Video Publishers are Hurting – LINK

Jordan Peele using his newfound fame for good — This PSA About Fake News From Barack Obama Is Not What It Appears – LINK

A drone that follows you are around for reals. — Fully autonomous drone: Skydio R1 review – LINK

Um, this is cool and creepy at the same time. — Our downloaded Facebook profiles are creepy dossiers of half-truths — LINK

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