Facebook Rumors (China), Instagram GIFs is Released, Social Media Exec Changes – Jan 24, 2018 👑

This is the week the Facebook has said they will implement the new changes to the algorithm favoring friends over publishers. We have some interesting rumors about why on our latest podcast. Link

TOOLS: This is a strong list of 20 social media tools you have probably never heard of. We found a few things that we are going to try. Link

FACEBOOK: Apparently, users are flocking to Facebook Watch. Here are some stats. Link

FACEBOOK AI: Yann LeCunn who was hired to run Facebook’s AI division has stepped back to a research only role. Apparently, AI department is too large to manage now. Link

INSTAGRAM: Gif stickers are here and they are fantastic. Check out our Insta we are using them in all their glory. Link

INSTAGRAM HOW TO: How to turn off your activity monitor (link is to Android instructions but it’s the same for IOS). Link

SNAPCHAT: Snapchat stories can now live outside the app. This may have been why they laid off 24 people from their content teams. Link

CYBERSECURITY: US Senators are telling Twitter that they have to notify users about more Russian bot meddling. Apparently, #SchumerShutdown hashtag was taken over by Russian bots during the government shut down in Washington. Link

ICYMI #CES – Our friend Jed from Tapped Mobile went to CES and walked the floor. He gives us 15 minutes of his time on our Social Media Chaos podcast. Jed cuts through the clutter and tells us what he saw on the floor (interesting perspective on voice). Link

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