Brands Hesitating on Influencers, Twitter Polls, New Facebook Challenge – April 25th Jumpwire Social Briefing

At Jumpwire we are focusing on moving all our clients to a Live & Interactive strategies. More live streams on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. More polls and surveys of the fans.

  1. How to set up Twitter polls – Link
  2. Brands hesitated with marketing on social media, and they’re doing the same with influencers – Link
  3. Facebook is testing a way to let people watch video premieres on Facebook Live – Link
  4. Open Book Challenge: Facebook is a destructive force in our society. We’ll invest $100,000 to help you build something better – Link
    “The Twitter Rules prohibit posting duplicative or substantially similar content — both on one account and across multiple accounts.”
  5. What do the new Twitter rules mean for social media managers – Link
  6. Facebook compares itself to a free newspaper in a new statement about data privacy – Link
  7. Trending on Youtube – Garlic Bread in Space

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