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Social Media Chaos Podcast Oct 8, 2014: Using Emerging Social Networks

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

Some slight clicking at the beginning of the show in the background. Apologies. We are still working out the bugs. @jumpwiremedia

We get lots questions from clients who have limited personnel to work on social asking which social networks should they focus on. If you are a media company we say that you should focus on Facebook first but not Facebook only.

Twitter: great to develop niche audiences
Linkedin: B2B businesses
Snapchat: Connecting with audiences under 25 years old
Youtube: We now consider this a social media network centered around video (good for general audience but still quite young).
Pinterest: Females – infographic

This week we discuss some of the emerging social networks to consider like Snapchat, Dasher App, Vine, etc. We give some insights into determining when you should consider investing time in a new platform.

Notes and links below this embed.

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Host: @gavinmcgarry

When should companies be on a social media platform (@corecorina and @erinberube):
-Critical mass is important
-Focus on the niche you want to connect with
-Difficult to tell whether it is worth your while – definitely claim your name, brand, or URL when you hear about it to protect your assets.

Links to
- ELLO: Anti Facebook social network (users not posting much article – http://bit.ly/1tW3wHD) – https://ello.co/beta-public-profiles
- VINE: Short 6 seconds videos / animations – https://vine.co/
- SNAPCHAT: Private social network – 71% under 25 years old (stats http://bit.ly/1tW3lfs) -https://www.snapchat.com/
- MYSPACE: Is it still relevant even with the new design? https://myspace.com/
- DASHER APP: use #hashtags to bring in random gifs – https://dasher.im/splash

Article on “what is dark social?”: http://bit.ly/1tW52JD

Thanks for listening – http://jumpwiremedia.com/blog/

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Social Media Chaos Podcast – Sept 25th: How To Use Your Social Media Data Effectively

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

Many clients we speak to don’t have an effective way to use the data from their social networks. This podcast will give you lots of information about what you need to be capturing and discussing internally on weekly and monthly basis.

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Most of social media platforms now provide robust data and analytics. Our clients ask us regularly about how to use their data to make decisions on content.

5 key platforms you need to focus on (there are others but these are the key ones):
Internet URL

5 key items for your weekly social snapshot (this needs to be on your CEO’s desk every week – it’s that important):
1) Top performing post
-Determine you top performing posts on Facebook by visiting Facebook Insights and on Twitter by going to Twitter Analytics
2) Influencers
-Use Twitter Advanced Search
3) Audience Growth
-Follower increase week over week
-Is the content you are posting leading to growth
-Keeping track of your numbers is important week over week
4) Demographics
-Psychographics over demographics
-Make sure your social media demographics correlates with your brand demographics
5) Conversion
-Ensuring that your social media objectives are leading to actual results. Focus on tracking the audience path through your ecosystem.
-Focus on the top level data rather than trying to get to detailed.
Download Snapchat App

Next week we discuss emerging social media platforms: Snapchat, Vine, Tinder, and a little bit about 4 Chan

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Two new Social Media Chaos Podcasts w/ notes and links

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

We had some technical issues on last week’s podcast that I wanted to correct before I posted. Sadly, the process ended up taking a week to sort out so I’m posting two podcasts in one blog post.

Below are the embeds for the podcasts as well as key links and notes from each episode to click on as you follow along.

Podcast September 10th, 2014 – Social Media Tools We Recommend

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Notes from the show:

1) Posting tools that will make you more efficient and save you time.
- Hootsuite – easy to use, good for huge teams, Hootsuite Pro – $6USD per month
- Buffer – good for 24hr posting schedules, with Chrome Buffer extension you can post directly to buffer, team management not as good as Hootsuite. $50 per month for Buffer for team of up to 5 people. Excellent blog on social media data
- Tweetdeck – owned by Twitter but not as many features as Hootsuite

2) Data gathering tools for your social media platforms to help deliver insights
-Twitter insights very robust – analytics.twitter.com (log in to your Twitter)
- Simply Measured – lots of free tools, great for client presentations. Excellent blog posts.
Sysomos – expensive option but very robust and access to the full Twitter firehose

3) Websites that have good information and insights
Mashable – social media
Buffer Blog – lots of great data
Simply Measured Blog – social media focused
Hypebot – music focus
Gigaom – digital media and marketing
Inside Facebook
Feedly – for RSS feeds
Adobe Social – expensive $20-30K per month but very robust

4) A short list of people and companies to follow on various social platforms that will give you good insights on a regular basis.

Corina – @valaafshar
Erin – @michaelstelzner

Gavin – @gavinmcgarry
Corina – @corecorina
Erin – @erinberube
Jumpwire Media – @jumpwiremedia

Podcast September 18th, 2014 – Using YouTube As A Social Network

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Youtube has made some significant changes to its platform in the last year and we, at Jumpwire, now consider it more of a social media network than a video playback destination site.

During the 15 minute show we discussed:

1) How to use YouTube as a social media network: subscribers, conversations, etc
- Youtube content ID

2) Using Youtube analytics to build more engaging content for your audience
-Using Youtube analytics to determine where a musician or band should tour
-Use comments to source content to then create for your audience
-Best practices: subscribe to people who subscribe to you, like all comments that are relevant
-Youtube Creator Studio App – separate app from the YouTube app standard on most phones

3) Youtubers that are doing it right
-College Humor
-Just For Laughs Festival

4) Earning money from your Youtube content. Is it worth the hassle?
- YouTube the only social media network that pays the creators
- Become a YouTube Partner

Very good site called Youtube Trends that shows you what is trending on YouTube in the USA by age, location, and gender.

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JOBS: Looking for social media comedy writers

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

We are looking for male comedy writers aged 18-30 for a 3 month social media writing project (starting Sept/Oct 2014) for a heavily male focused Youtube channel in New York.

Sidebar: Yes, yes, yes, (sigh), we will accept applications from female comedy writers as well but, just so you know, we try to balance the genders on teams working with our clients as we believe it delivers better results. Currently, both of the senior social producers on the project are female and our president is male so we would like the writer to be male if possible. However, if you are the next Joan Rivers and a social media goddess you may get the gig. Just sayin’.

If you are interested in applying please send an email to info@jumpwiremedia.com

In your email please include the following:
1) Your Linkedin profile, Twitter handle, and Facebook page
2) Three Facebook test comedy posts created for the 18-24 year old male demographic
3) Three Twitter test comedy posts created for the 18-24 year old male demographic
4) Links to any comedy writing, Tumblrs, memes etc for us to look at

You will need the following to work with Jumpwire:
-A laptop less than 2 years old
-A smartphone (iPhone or Android)
-High speed broadband at home/office that supports Skype calls

NOTE: We can sometimes get a lot of applications for positions like this. We apologize in advance if we don’t get back to you. We will only be contacting those writers that we think will be a good fit for the client.

Thanks in advance for sending us your application.

The Jumpwire Team

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Social Media Chaos Podcast #2 – Using Twitter Advanced Search to Build Your Communities

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

This week on Social Media Chaos podcast Erin and I talk about Twitter (Corina is on holiday). We are slowly getting better ;-) Thanks to everyone who messaged and listened in. We had over 50 people download and listen to the podcast last week about Facebook and 5 people actually listen live. Eyebrows up.

Here’s what we discussed this week (podcast embedded below): Unlike Facebook, Twitter is an open platform. Many people are unaware of Twitter’s powerful advanced search feature that helps you find the right people in the right cities or countries to connect with.

Questions we discussed:
1) How to build a compelling bio for your Twitter business?
2) How to start a conversation on Twitter?
3) Using hashtags effectively to monitor trends
4) Tools to consider using when building your Twitter brand

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Our First 15 minute Social Media Chaos Podcast

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

Erin, Corina, and I used the blogtalkradio.com studio to create a social media podcast. I am calling it Social Media Chaos.  I used the free plan which allows us all to call in via phone. The quality of the audio is much better than I anticipated.

We talked about the latest in social media news as well as giving listeners questions they could ask their social media lead or agency.

As it was my first time you will hear some gaffs as I try to understand how to work the system. Good times.

Episode Overview

Many companies are concerned about ‘over’ posting to their Facebook pages.

On this episode we discuss: How Often Should I Post To My Business Facebook Page?

1) How often you should post to get results?
2) What type of content should you be posting?
3) When is the best time to post?
4) How to track which content is working?

Check Out Business Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with Social Business on BlogTalkRadio
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Speaking with the Educators

Posted on by Jumpwire Media


I was invited to keynote at the Broadcast Educators Association of Canada conference last week up in Niagara Canada.

I was speaking on how to build cross platform content with a focus on skills we need from students coming out of media programs at colleges.  I had 90 minutes.

Before I hit the stage at 9AM we had a great discussion at our breakfast table where I learned a lot about what the students of today want from a media program:

1) All of the colleges said their film programs where filled to capacity some with waiting lists.

2) Although most of what the students learn is available online via Youtube or on blogs many of them want a set curriculum to follow and someone to teach them.

3) Many of the students wanted jobs in the traditional media space (TV & Radio). I thought they would be more interested in the digital space.

We also had a discussion about whether or not Blackberry was still considered a smart phone (I said no due to the lack of apps) and if students should be required to upgrade if they had one.  Not everyone was convinced about the upgrade but I did mention that we do not hire people at Jumpwire if their main phone is a Blackberry as it is a very effective platform for email but not much else.

After breakfast we all headed to the conference center where I delivered my keynote.  I shared some background on Jumpwire as well as slides from presentations I have given around the world. There was  also lots of great questions and discussions during my keynote but these were some of my main points.

1) Students need to understand the data created around content (Facebook Insights, Youtube Analytics) and how to use that data to develop meaningful insights and build more effective content.  I showed everyone how we use real time data software like Chartbeat to find out what content web audiences are spending time on.   I spent some time on Facebook Insights pointing out that via their own college Facebook pages there was lots of free data on their students and alumni that they could use to build more effective content.

2) The  importance of understanding how Facebook works both technically and as a content amplifier.  Amplification strategies need to be Facebook first but not Facebook only.  We have found across our media clients that Facebook has a wider mass audience of everyday people while Twitter is more niche usually media people speaking with other media people. This is not always the case but generally.

3)  Knowing how to code in HTML and CSS was something that some of the colleges are offering but it was not mandatory.  I felt that students needed to spend  more time on coding.

4) Having the freshmen classes create the daily content for the colleges social media ecosystem.  They would be trained and monitored by the second year students ensuring that everyone leaving the college would have had hands on experience with social media in a business environment.

5) There was a great question and the discussion about the role of traditional journalism and how it is beginning to morph.  There was some concern that, with rise of social media,  journalists are being asked to be marketers, of not only their own content, but advertising content as well.

6) Using effective communication tools like instant messaging to make the students and businesses more effective. At Jumpwire we are trying reduce our email communication by 50% month on month using instant messaging platforms like Skype or the chat function on Google hangouts. We mostly use Skype for IM as it allows us to create group IM chats quickly and most of our clients have accounts that they have used in their personal lives requiring less training.

I offered up some books that I thought every media student should read:

The Curse of the Mogul: What’s Wrong with the World’s Leading Media Companies

The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That is Connecting the World
by David Kirkpatrick

The Google Story: Inside the Hottest Business, Media, and Technology Success of Our Time by David A. Vise

Overall, it was an interesting morning of learning for me.  I will try and gather up some of main points that audience members took away and felt important to add them here.

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Keynote at the Country Radio Seminar 2014

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

Screen Shot 2014-02-21 at 6.16.57 AM

I was invited by Andy Denmark of United Radio to deliver the keynote speech at this years Country Radio Seminar in Nashville, TN. I called my presentation: 11 Reasons Why Social Media Could Save The Radio Business.

I discovered the country radio sector of the business is a tight knit group of people who are, well, really, really nice.

Things I learned:

1) Country is one of biggest radio formats in America
2) There is a trend away from female solo artists (they are now part of bands) while young male artists are on the rise.
3) The large cowboy hat, that most male country artists used to wear, is being replaced by ball caps (mostly on backwards).

All Access Radio blog did a short piece highlighting some of my main points - http://bit.ly/1l4O8J0

Here is a video overview of my presentation:


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Jumpwire opens office in LA

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

I am excited to announce that we are opening our Los Angeles office this week. We said goodbye to our Toronto office a couple of weeks ago and we left our New York office in September. We have decided to move our operations out to Los Angeles, however, Jumpwire will still have consultants and clients in Toronto and New York.

We decided on LA for a number of reasons but our two main ones were:

1) As webvideo becomes more commercially viable there is considerable amounts of venture capital money being invested in start ups located in LA that focus on content. As our clients are mainly media content companies we feel it makes sense to be located where much of the best content in the world is produced.

2) LA is closer to Asia and the east is booming economically. We feel Jumpwire needs a stronger connection with the Asian media markets and LA is a shorter flight than from New York or Toronto.

Below is the press release that went out today about the move.

Hope to see you all in LA LA land.


For Immediate Release


Toronto/New York – November 18, 2013 – Jumpwire Media, a leading crossmedia company specializing in brand strategies for the media industry, has opened an LA office to significantly expand their service in the U.S.   Co-founded by well-known digital media strategist Gavin McGarry and Executive Producer Jennifer Harkness,  Jumpwire Media is known for its expertise in building audience for media brands by using Jumpwire’s distinct “crossmedia marketing ecosystem” that utilizes crowd dynamics through webvideo, meetups, mobile integration, social media, and real time analytics.

“Jumpwire has a single-minded focus on achieving measurable results for our clients. We have spent the last four years thoroughly testing our system in both the U.S. and Canada, including the isolation of our efforts from existing advertising and marketing campaigns.   We’ve proven that our crossmedia marketing ecosystem drives growth in audience and revenue and LA offers us a new opportunity to market these services,” said Gavin McGarry, co-founder and CEO of Jumpwire.

Jumpwire’s unique approach starts with a thorough audit and analysis of the brand’s market profile, competitive position and social media presence, followed by the creation of a comprehensive cross-platform strategy which includes implementation and staff training.

Jumpwire Media has positioned itself as a leader in the marketing industry by successfully partnering with prominent media and entertainment companies including AMC Networks, Morris Publications, Discovery Communications in the U.S. and leading Canadian companies including Astral Radio, Corus Entertainment, Hollywood Suite and CBC Radio. 

Both McGarry and Harkness will spend most of their time in LA while maintaining close ties with their Toronto and New York partners.

For more information about Jumpwire Media visit www.jumpwiremedia.com or follow them on Facebook and Twitter.

About Jumpwire Media

Jumpwire Media builds and executes revenue-generating strategies leveraging expertise in emerging media.  The company’s expertise spreads across media content creation, distribution and production across all platforms including  mobile, web video, television, radio, online, print and gaming.  With offices in Toronto, New York and LA, Jumpwire delivers innovative and effective media and marketing strategies to Fortune 500 and SME clients from countries all over the world including USA, Russia, India, South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom and Canada.

For Further Information:

 Mary Powers, MPowers Communication, mpowers@mpowers.ca

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Six Questions with Gavin McGarry

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

By cmarcucci on Aug, 27 2013

Position: President

Location: New York

Place of Birth: Hospital

Date of Birth: Spring when flowers bloom

Spouse/Kid/Personal info:  A wife who would like me to work less.

College: Western

Favorite band or artist: The Police

Favorite movies: Star Wars, Gallipoli, anything animated

Favorite books: Anything by Fredrick Forsyth or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Sports Team Preferences:  Arsenal FC, Toronto Blue Jays, New York Giants

Hobbies/Passions: Drummer since I was 7, anything tech/geek related

Causes/Charities: organic food movement


1. How did you get started in the business?

At college I did a morning radio show that was picked up in the local papers and I created a weekly TV show. I sent a tape of the show to the head of a TV network and he hired me.  I had to finish college in another city.

2. Tells us about your company.

Fast Company magazine voted us one of the top 10 most innovative companies in media. We help media companies understand and navigate all the constant change.  We are constantly looking for new ways to help traditional media brands build and monetize audiences on new platforms.

3. How can traditional media monetize social media?

Like Mark Zuckerberg did with Facebook, media CEOs need to invest in building their social media audiences then monetizing them.  I meet many CEOs who want to monetize while they build the audience.  The best strategy is to get really good at engaging with your current audience across social media platforms, learn their patterns, then look for ways to monetize that audience in new ways.

4. How should radio use social media to drive ratings?

Social media is all about engagement.  Increasing the Likes on your Facebook page is not enough. I would prefer to have only 10,000 likes but have those people engaging with the brand daily or hourly.  That is how we build our crossmedia ecosystems that many radio, TV and publishing groups currently implement.

5. What will the radio and broadcast television industries look like in five years in terms of audience and usage?

The audience will heavily fragmented and the usage will be enormous.  How audiences discover your brand will become extremely important.  The question will be why does the audience need your brand. Real time content creation via data feedback and tracking will become most important part of determining where your crowd is going and what is relevant to them.  Staying in front of your audiences will be one of the most challenging parts of running a media company as there will be so much choice.

6. Is there any question you’d like to answer that we forgot to ask?

What is it like to use Google Glass? I am currently one of the testers for Google Glass and I think there is a massive opportunity for media companies as curators of content.  When I have my Glass on I have so much choice that I have noticed I am beginning to focus on one or two brands that really provide excellent relevant content consistently.

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