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The Tools We Use to Run Jumpwire

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

The Tools We Use to Run Jumpwire

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Podcast on Facebook Ads

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

During the podcast you can follow along with the main points by looking in the description.

Our main segment today is: How to really use Facebook Ads?

1. To drive more valuable likes to your page using demo and psychographic targeting
2. To create lasting reach over time (vs boosting)
3. To drive actions and collect meaningful data

Two typical questions:
ONE >> Who on Facebook are we supposed to target?
– Ask, what are the personas for your ideal fans/customers?
– All the typical targeting method apply on Facebook ads, and then some
Psychographic and behavioural targeting is really rich on Facebook, so you can reach more specific fan/customer profiles

TWO >> When targeting, how big or small of a potential audience do you want?
– Depends on your budget and targeting; it’s difficult to tell how much is ‘enough’
– Given large number of Facebook daily active users, targeting 1,000,000 or more is not usual.
– You can also split ad sets to create smaller target audiences.

3 Reasons Why We Use Facebook Ads

1) To drive more valuable likes to your page using demo and psychographic targeting

_Demo: you can target right down to your address/zip code and set a radius, great for events, local businesses
-parents and life events also interesting targeting
– this includes purchasing behaviors
-you can also select which brands people have an affinity to under interests

2) To build page likes, which creates lasting reach over time

instead of boosting = short term gain
run ads to drive page likes = long term gain

3) To drive actions and collect meaningful data

– you can use your email list, phone numbers, Facebook user IDs to target users on Facebook. You can also use tracking pixels to create lists of people who visit your website.
– you can use Facebook’s conversion pixels to track which ads lead to conversions, AND re-target those users for re-marketing campaigns
even the basic reporting tools will tell you a lot, and you can benchmark over time

Data Points
Page like Cost:
US $1 per like or less in targeted campaigns
CAN/AUS/UK $2 per like of less in targeted campaigns

Ad Relevance score of 3 or better:
A rating of 1 to 10 based on how your audience is responding to your ad.
Note: only calculated after your ad receives more than 500 impressions.

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Top Takeaways from #Vidcon2015, Snapchat Analytics & Slack App Tips

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

Top 9 takeaways from VidCon2015:http://bit.ly/1KDVttE

1. When posting to Facebook, use a mobile device & not your desktop so you are recognized as a real human by the algorithm

2. In order to effectively engage on Facebook you need to post at a high frequency, 80+ posts daily is recommended

3. Always A/B test your thumbnail and remember that growing your social audience is an evolution 

P.S. pay special attention to #6 😉 


A Primer on Snapchat Analytics: http://buff.ly/1fJkpVO

1. “Story Metrics” help understand the creative performance of your content.

2. Go beyond measuring views with “Story Consumption Metrics”; average views per snap, drop-offs, completion % & estimated time view

3. “Snap Blasts” are when a snapper sends a string of multiple mixed posts in under an hour (drawings, videos, images & photos) 


11 Useful Tips for Getting the Most out of Slack: http://bit.ly/1h9nXBT

1. Use stars to create an instant to-do list 

2. Integrate Google Hangouts from within a channel by simply typing the command /hangout 

3.  Setup Google Docs integration & the file contents themselves will be indexed and searchable within Slack


Room 99 – Jumpwire Beta Testing Area
Cyfe – all-in-one dashboard app

1. Monitor your entire business from one dashboard system: social media, analytics, marketing, sales, support & infrastructure

2. Manage multiple departments, clients & projects using dashboards

3. Pull in data from all your third party apps like Google, Facebook, Mailchimp or create custom widgets to securely display all of your data


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Social Video Ecosystem Guide, Apple Watch & Youtube’s Ad Free Subscription Sevices

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

Social Video Chart: Your At-A-Glance Guide To 7 Major Platforms http://mklnd.com/1G2LNZ1

1) Facebook is serving 4Billion views daily, Snapchat touts 2Billion daily views & Youtube has 100M hours of video watched daily

2) Vine is the only player in the space not to provide native advertising for video promotion

3) How networks count video views has come into question, for instance “muted autoplay” vs. “click to start”


Are you going to buy an Apple Watch? 97% of users satisfied http://bit.ly/1OrgoB2

1) The first version of the Apple Watch ranks closer to the current generation iPhone than the first generation iPhone or iPad in terms of satisfaction
2)  Only 34% of Apple Watch buyers are profiled as “tech insiders” who are closely aligned with early adopter behavior
3) 53% are classified as “enthusiastic” non “techie” users who more closely resemble traits of the mainstream consumer market


YouTube Plans to Offer Ad-Free Paid Subscriptions, But Some Video Makers Aren’t Going Along With It http://on.wsj.com/1IhMFpk
1) CEO Susan Wojcicki says big publishers opting out of YouTube’s paid subscription service may be dropped altogether
2) This is causing some partners to hold out, however Partners representing more than 90% of time spent watching YouTube have signed up for the subscription service so far since last years announcement of the ad free subscription version
3) Youtube’s other subscription offering “Music Key” has been in limited beta since November and its main feature will be smartphone background listening


Room 99 – Jumpwire Beta Testing Area

Teamwork – Project Management

1)  Integration with Google Drive

2) Ability to tag & assign more than one person to a task

3) Mobile, browser & desktop versions available


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Snapchat ‘Discover’, The Top 10 Social Media Video Creators & Google’s New ‘Buy’ Button

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

Snapchat Redesign Puts Spotlight on ‘Discover’ News Portal http://on.wsj.com/1HzV4aq

1) You can now access via the “stories tab”, one swipe away from the camera

2) Previously confined to icons in stories tab and/or two swipes away from the camera

3) Snapchat’s 100M daily active users are now spending 6-9 minutes a day looking at the full-screen ads appearing between the articles & videos


Top 10 Video Creators Across YouTube, Facebook, Vine & Instagram http://mklnd.com/1HzURnE

1) Buzzfeed: 83.5M views / 964K new followers and combined with BuzzFeedFood (#4) the property has 1.226 Billion views – nearly double at #2

2) At the #2 spot, TaylorSwiftVevo: 433M / 2.6M new followers

3) Other creators to make the list included the the WWE at #5 and YouTube personality PewDiePie at #10


That Google Buy Button is real http://bit.ly/1HP3mbF

1) Meant to reduce friction among mobile transactions

2) When Buy button is clicked from an ad, you are taken to a microsite hosted by Google but branded by the retailer with additional product search capabilities

3) 93% of all retail commerce still takes place in a physical environment, so Google is also introducing “Conversational Search” along with “Google Now Price Drop Card”


Room 99 – Jumpwire Beta Testing Area


1) Syncs with Google calendar & provides a URL/dashboard for simpler scheduling

2) Caledndly’s biggest strengths are its UI and fast setup.

3) The free version has “Powered by Calendly” branding, however, you can pay for customizable features


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15min Podcast on Community Moderation

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

During the podcast you can follow along with the main points by looking in the description.
Our main segment today is: How to moderate a social media community

Community Moderation Guidelines

1) Be friendly, helpful and informative
2) Moderate vs instigate
3) Let the crowd come to your defense
4) Allow for discussion, but remain neutral (see 1.)

Case study: https://www.facebook.com/MangaEntertainment
Community Moderation Strategies:

1)  As the brand page, ‘LIKE’ as many comments as possible when users leave them on a post; this validates the user + encourages more engagement.
a.  Avoid liking comments that are: abusive, threatening, personal attacks.
b.  Remember, a LIKE is not an agreement with or, support of, the comments content; it is merely acknowledging the fact that a comment was left and the user’s engagement has been noticed or acknowledged by the brand.
2)  When a post is shared, click on the ‘share’ arrow indicating how many shares were received. Skim the list of users who shared for influencers, or conversations/comments to like and engage with.
3)  When commenting, be friendly, helpful and informative. Provide a link to your site whenever possible.
4)  Moderate discussions versus instigate arguments; but try to nurture the conversation and keep it going by asking questions.
5)  Let the crowd come to your defense. You don’t need to be defensive; you can remain neutral and let your fans (who love your brand) engage with any negative comments.

Facebook Page Settings for Community Management:

1)  Profanity Filters: set to appropriate level for your brand
2)  Page Moderation: add a list of ‘banned words’ to the Page Moderation tool so they cannot be used on your page
3)  Visitor Posts: set to ‘review posts by other people before they are published to the Page’

NOTE: NEVER delete anything from the page:


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Mining Emoji Data, Facebook Video Algorithms vs. Youtube & Snapchat for B2B

Posted on by Jumpwire Media


There’s Data in Those Emojis — and Marketers Want to Mine Them http://bit.ly/1JZSBqN


Are Facebook’s algorithms killing YouTube? http://bit.ly/1D6dCuT


Can Snapchat work for B2B? http://bit.ly/1NUKdcR


Room 99 – Jumpwire Beta Testing Area



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Shift Happens: Facebook Splitting Ad Revenue w/ Video Partners & How to Grow Your Instagram Audience

Posted on by Jumpwire Media


Did You Know? Shift Happens: https://youtu.be/PcZg51Il9no



Facebook Unveils Video Revenue Share For Partners http://bit.ly/1f5Jwmc


10 Tactics to Grow Followers & Engagement On Instagram http://tnw.co/1LG4tQS



In Room 99 – Jumpwire Beta Testing


Screen Shot 2015-07-02 at 9.16.16 AM


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15 min Podcast: Building Social Media Engagement

Posted on by Jumpwire Media

This week we dive deep into the topic of social media engagement.

Specifically, around 3 key areas:

1. Why you should care about it

2. How to approach it

3. How to build it


But first….


Trifecta of Interesting (only 1 fecta this week):

1) Tinder’s New Verified Accounts. Why?  

– Blue verified symbol on top right hand (like twitter)

– Announced 26M matches happen on the platform everyday

– Leonardo DiCaprio & Hillary Duff rumored to be using

– No word on how the will be issuing verifications

– CEO Sean Rad hinted at this last year, on the heels of a redesign with Instagram support


MAIN SEGMENT: How to Build Engagement

Definition of ‘engage’ or ‘engagement’:
to get and keep someone’s attention, interest, etc in the state of being engaged, often through emotional involvement or commitment.

Jumpwire definition: any time a human being interacts with anything on the internet.


1) Why do we care about engagement in social media?

– Brand Top of Mind Awareness
– Brand Viral/WOM Reach
– Brand Data and KPI

NOTE: Social media is not for marketing it’s for building communities


2) How we approach engagement:

Engaging an audience is like initiating a conversation – not a one-time conversation, but a deep discussion or debate.

Creating content that encourages individuals to take an action through their media device.

It shouldn’t always be comfortable – controversy drives engagement, and there are playful ways to cultivate discussion.


3) How to generate engagement:

Media: Video, Photo, GIF, micro-video, slideshow, audio

Message: compelling language, clear/distinct voice, unbiased but with character

Call to Action: channel actions taken by users towards a specific end

Participation: reciprocate engagement and act as a role model for the users


Thanks for listen. Give us feedback on Linkedin Jumpwire Media or email us if you still do that – info@jumpwiremedia.com

Sign up for the Jumpwire mailing list here – eepurl.com/bpr9tT

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Social Media Seminar Recap From Our Free Lunch Friday

Posted on by Jumpwire Media


We had the largest Free Lunch Friday event at Real Office Center with over 50people this past Friday afternoon for Jumpwire Media’s Free Lunch Friday social media seminar in Santa Monica, CA.

Opening remarks by ROC’s Walter Grieves got the attendees revved up and ready to participate, while Gavin’s presentation was dynamic and persuasive, the Q&A was lively and the free lunch provided by Foodie Shares was superb!

The key topics Gavin covered were as follows:
1) Which social networks to focus on if you only have 30 minutes a day.
2) What key things you should be focusing on in each social network?
3) The top 3 questions you should ask your social media agency.

The packed house house responded to Gavin’s client success story of radio station WBLS-FM leveraging cultural insights in tandem with Facebook page data to create resonating content for its core fans. Notable companies in attendance were Lions Gate Films, FOXYahoo, and Little Village Films.

FREE SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT DRAW: Stacy Waite (@stacywaite) was the winner of our free social media audit.

Opt-in to our weekly VIP newsletter here: http://eepurl.com/bpr9tT



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