Bad Bots, FB Algorithm Mess, Snapchat wins – Feb 7, 2018

OVERHEARD at conferences and other places:

1) Buzzfeed may be switching their strategy slightly after the $149 Tasty One Topproduct sales took off and outperformed regular advertising on the site.

2) 50-75% of the video views on Facebook may be fabricated. Third party verification is needed.

3) I met a few publishing clients who are making considerable money (millions) on Facebook using the branded content and crossposting videos. It’s a real thing now.

OUR LATEST SOCIAL MEDIA CHAOS PODCAST –  We discuss the FB algorithm mess, new strategies for social, and the social media bubble. LINK

TOOLS: This is a strong list of 20 social media tools you have probably never heard of. We found a few things that we are going to try. Link

TWITTER: Twitter’s new API allows developers to sift through every tweet in history, but this is probably why the United States Library of Congress dropped archiving every tweet. FYI, the Library of Congress will still archive key events. Link

SNAPCHAT: Snapchat beat Wall Street estimates with revenue up 72% year-on-year. Time to buy some stock? Link

PATREON: Patreon could be the next big social media network with a unique twist—it already has a revenue-generating system built in. Link

STATS: Mobile is changing the customer experience in 5 keys ways: good post with infographics. Link

FACEBOOK: Apparently, users are flocking to Facebook Watch. Link

FACEBOOK: Yann LeCun was hired to run Facebook’s artificial intelligence (AI) division, but has stepped back to a research only role. Apparently, the AI department is now too large for him to manage. Link

BOTS: Twitter still has a bot problem. From the article in the link: “The report centered on a small public relations company, Devumi, that has created more than 3.5 million fake, automated accounts (bots), selling these accounts 200 million times over to 200,000 celebrities, newsmakers, and other influencers to inflate their follower counts.” Link

SNAPCHAT: Snapchat stories can now live outside the app. This may have been why they laid off 24 people from their content teams. I heard from someone close to Snapchat that they are spending more money on acquisitions of content and working with producers focused on the 17-24 crowd. They are looking for 3- to 10-minute vertical video pieces that tell a good story for their Discover area. Link

BOTS: US Senators are telling Twitter that they have to notify users about more Russian bot meddling. Apparently, #SchumerShutdown hashtag was taken over by Russian bots during the government shut down in Washington. Link

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