UPDATED: Jumpwire Tracks Golden Globe Social Media Rankings

*See towards the end for our updated rankings. If a nominated film has great social media will it win the Golden Globe for best picture? That was the question we asked when the list of nominees for Best Motion Picture were announced on December 12th, 2016. Here is what we found when we ranked each of[…]

Jumpwire Social Media Briefing – June 6

Hey, it’s Gavin and below is information I thought you should know about: IF YOU ONLY WATCH ONE THING: KPCB partner Mary Meeker’s annual Internet Trends 2016 presentation VIDEO and the actual PRESENTATION so you can follow along. Very much worth the watch.  Smartphones flat. Uber up. Internet flat. You get the idea. Are Jumpwire’s days numbered? I Let a[…]

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May 24 Social Media Briefing

Hey, it’s Gavin and here are a few social media stories you may have missed: Here’s a great post with a list of Instagram hashtags that have been banned. Go head try and search #like or #skype on Instagram.  See what happens.  Have you tried Facebook’s Live Video Map? Do it. It shows all the live[…]


Facebook: Messenger for Business and Are ‘Reactions’ Damaging Your Marketing Plan

Messenger for Your Business Customer service plays a key roll in any successful business. While the ability to engage your fans on Facebook was always there, the methods were something to be desired. Now, Facebook has updated your CS toolkit allowing you to engage and document interactions with your fans! Here’s What’s New: You can[…]