Trends In 2018, Pinterest Search Ads And The Top 10 Moments That Shaped Social Media – August 22nd, 2018 – Jumpwire Social Media Briefing

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SOCIAL MEDIA HISTORY: Take a look at the top 10 most powerful moments that shaped social media history over the last 20 years. Link

SOCIAL MEDIA USAGE: Check out these 8 facts about social media usage in 2018. Link

  • 78% of US adults ages 30-49 use at least one social media platform a day.
  • 91% of US adults ages 18-29 use YouTube.
  • Generation X has increased their social media usage by 17% since 2012.

TWITTER AD: Fake Twitter ad campaign encourages users to be more skeptical on social media. Link

PINTEREST: Use search ads to promote your products and services to gain more visibility on Pinterest. Link

SOCIAL MEDIA PSYCHOLOGY: Why are we so addicted to social media? Link

  • 56% of users shared that they were afraid of missing something important online.
  • Social media activates our rewarding centers in the human brain.
  • Sending a tweet can initiate a dopamine pull stronger than cigarettes or alcohol.

TWITCH: An insightful podcast about the video streaming platform where tens of thousands of people broadcast their lives and video game game-play in real-time. Link

HOW-TO-VIDEO: These Instagram feed layouts you can create in the Preview App make your Instagram look aesthetically pleasing. Link

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