Jumpwire Launches College Athletics Social Media Ranking

We created the ranking table below as a way to compare how university athletic departments in the United States were doing on social media.

We wanted to determine if there was a correlation between how a school did on the field with how they performed on social media. It turns out that 6 of the top 10 schools on the Learfield Director’s Cup¬†spring standings were also in the top 10 of our social media ranking.

To create the ranking we tracked 6 social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Instagram). We focused on 6 key metrics for each school: Audience (number of fans), Engagement (total likes, comments, and shares across all channels), Activity (# of posts), Amplification (sharing), Applause (likes), and Conversation (comments). We then averaged each of the 6 metrics to give us a final social media score for each of the schools.

Download the PDF of chart below here – PDF DOWNLOAD

Listen to our podcast on how we created the ranking system here – PODCAST



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