How to Tumblr: 3 Keys to Success

Every day, I’m Tumblin’ by Caitlin Michielsen   It’s Caitlin – content creator, community manager, and resident Tumblr Queen at Jumpwire 👑  No, seriously. That’s the title they gave me. I got a crown and everything. I’ve spent 6 of my 24 years of life on Tumblr. I think I’m qualified. Here’s the thing: No one[…]


Rob Farina Talks 1M Apps, Radio & iHeartRadio

Article from FYI Music News by David Farrell about Rob Farina where he talks about his time in radio and his experience working with Jumpwire Media.   FYI caught up with Rob Farina in the over-sized lobby at the Sheraton downtown in Toronto during CMW. As ever, the radio executive is pumped. And why not,[…]