Conan explains why he has 5.6 million followers on Twitter, and Leno 376K

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by Matthew Stern

“The days of only wanting to experience someone like me at 11pm are over,” Conan O’Brien told Piers Morgan to an audience of cable industry insiders this week at the NTCA conference. The two interviewers spoke about the importance of social media as an overall strategy for driving ratings and making an impact.

“It’s all about content,” continued O’Brien,  “What you’re doing with social is constantly trying to figure out ways to create a symbiotic relationship. It’s not just about driving people on social networks to your TV show… you want people to get emotionally involved in what you’re doing on Facebook and Twitter.”

Conan and “Team Coco” are doing what all talent needs to do: establish social media credentials and make an impact.  At Jumpwire Media, a growing number of producers and media executives are asking us to vet new talent based on their online engagement and size of audiences.

If you had a choice between hiring someone with 100,000 active followers or another with one million, where would you place your bets?

Click here watch the Conan-Morgan interview

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